Why Hair Extensions


Whether you regret your short cut, miss your long locks or landed a bad ‘do, it might be hair extension time. Hair extensions can help you get the look you love in some of today’s most popular styles. Bardot Beaute offers the best hair extension solutions on the Gold Coast and their highly skilled technicians can help you achieve your dream hair.

  • Beautiful long, thick hair
  • Hundreds of styling options
  • Gorgeous transformations

There are many reasons why a woman might decide to wear extensions. Maybe she likes to wear her hair long, but it’s not thick and looks scraggly at the ends. A few rows of extensions in the back and voila! Long, thick hair! Maybe, she likes a lot of volume at the top, but still wants long hair. Very few women have dense enough hair to cut short layers on top for volume while still maintaining a thick perimeter at the ends. So, we add a little extra, and instantly you have gorgeous long hair with fabulous volume and hundreds of styling options!


When designing your hair extension solution many factors need to be considered, which is why we create your personalised style profile during the initial consultation. The  initial consultation is critical in achieving the finished style you desire.  Questions about hair extension methods, and the “Dos and Don’ts” (and “Probably Shouldn’ts”)” when wearing extensions can be addressed at this time. Then, we do an analyze your hair’s condition and take “Before” pictures to document the original length and density.

  • Personalised style
  • Hair analysis
  • Extension methods

Then the real fun begins! Together we will play with different samples to determine what colors, texture, curl pattern, and length will result in creating the hair of your dreams! I will also put in 2 – 3 test strands so that you can begin to experience how the extensions will feel when you’re wearing them. Of course, we’ll also discuss pricing. we will give you a firm price before you leave and also provide you with an ongoing maintenance estimate.


Great Lengths

At Bardot we use Great Lengths hair extensions, that utilises only the best 100% human hair of the highest quality. The hair is ethically sourced from Indian temples in virgin condition- meaning that the hair has never been chemically treated, bleached or coloured.

  • 100% human hair
  • Double Drawn
  • Virgin condition

Great Lengths hair extensions uses only ‘Remi hair’ The word ‘remi’ in french is derived from the latin word ‘Remix’ and originally from the Proto-Indo-European word for ‘root’ In the context of hair extensions this means that the “root” of the hair shafts in a bundle are all at the same end. This means that the cuticle is all facing the same direction which stops human hair on your head from tangling.

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